… a note from the Chef

Loaded tacos with Lettuce Tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, taco sauce

You may wonder why ‘Inner Fat Kid’ Chef… Well growing up in the boroughs of NYC, we all loved being a kid and eating Mr. Softee’s ice cream, heroes from the local bodegas, or slices upon slices of pizza from the pizza shop around the way. When you’re a kid you can eat and eat and eat and it just fuels you for the next big adventure, hangout session the neighborhood kids, biking to your friend’s house an hour away, or monkeying around at the nearby park. We all had bottomless pits and could eat until our heart’s content or at least until we ate our parents out of house and home.

Regardless of whatever we ate, we could pack it away and never worry about our health. Well, now we’re grown and bodies have changed. They’ve slowed down and remind us daily to take better care of the vessel that isn’t going so fast anymore. The fact is we still love food but the quality and quantity surely do make a difference in how much food we can really love. Our Inner Fat Kids are now kept behind a deadbolted door with our imaginary best friend, never to be released again.

I will always love food. I love the flavors and compliments. Most of all, I want people to still love food like they were that kid enjoying their usual summer eats without the guilt of adulting. I’ve made it a mission to let out an Inner Fat Kid or two while they indulge in the tasteful and delicious meals I pour my Inner Fat Kid into.

My motto tells it all. Cooking from my heart and my Inner Fat Kid, the worlds collide to make an amazing dish every time. Never duplicated and always unique. Join me on my journey to free more Inner Fat Kids. Hope you enjoy every bite.